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How to treat pimples on the neck?


Pimples on the neck are common in people of either gender and are not as common as pimples that are found on the face. One of the reasons why you may have neck pimples may be due to regular removal of hair, which clogs the pores on skin and also accumulates dirt in the neck. The dirt that accumulates in the neck may come into contact with oil, which is secreted naturally by your body’s oil glands. Such a happening may cause the formation of a pimple.

Another very common cause of pimples on the neck is regular shaving. Due to this regular shaving, especially if you are a man, your hair will stop growing through the hair follicle. This will lead to blockage of skin pores thus allowing pimples to form. Pimples of the neck are an acute problem that can be solved using various remedies, which can be done at home.

Some of the remedies that you may use include ingredients from the kitchen. Discussed below are some of the methods and remedies, which you can use for treating pimples on the neck:

Use Calamine Lotion and Ice Cubes

First of all, you need to dry the pimple by using calamine lotion to cover it. You may also use a facial masque that is clay-based or acne medication in the form of a white paste. Then dress it with a small piece of tissue and after it is dry, apply one more layer of the medication. This will create a hard shell, which helps to desiccate the pimple.

The following day you may wash off the medication as you take a shower as picking up the shell using your fingers will hurt you. When you have your skin dried up, you can place an ice cube over the pimple and allow it to melt there. Before going to sleep, place some ice once more on the pimple before making another shell, which will stay for the night. If you repeat these steps, the pimple will heal without leaving a scar.

Use Dried Onion Seeds

This is another successful remedy used for treating pimples on the neck. The procedure involves washing one teaspoon of dried onion seeds in water then soaking them in milk for 8 to 10 hours. It is recommended that you use raw milk although boiled milk can be used too. You can then grind the seeds using a milk mixer and collect the mixture. Add 6 to 7 drops of fresh lemon juice and thoroughly mix. You may then apply the mixture on the pimples and allow it to dry then rinse with clean water. Apply the remedy twice a day and within no time, the pimples will disappear.

Use Fuller’s Earth Home Remedy

This method used for treating pimples on the neck entails using one tablespoonful of Fuller’s earth powder, one teaspoonful of sandalwood powder and one teaspoonful of cucumber juice then mixing them together. The result you get will be a thick paste. Apply the paste on the pimple and wait for about 8 to 10 minutes for it to dry up. Once dry, wash it with clean tap water. You may apply this remedy once in every four hours for at least three consecutive days and the pimples will be gone.

Oral Treatment Methods

Apart from the topical methods for treating pimples on the neck, many people nowadays prefer oral treatment methods. The natural methods may be cheaper than the oral methods but they do not eliminate the source of the problem as oral medications do. Again not everyone reacts the same way to topical applications so if you were allergic to some topical methods then the oral way would work best for you.

Prescription medications, which you can take orally, are usually administered by dermatologists. Some pimples are usually a sign of bacterial infections in the body. Such medications taken orally will eliminate the bacteria from the system. These medications include antibiotics.


In conclusion, one thing you must avoid whenever you have pimples on your neck or any other part of your body is popping them. When squeezed, there tends to be some redness, inflammation and swelling on the skin and when the pimple heals a scar will be left behind. Popping the pimple will also spread the bacteria causing the pimple to other areas. Therefore, this practice should be avoided at all costs.

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